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Sunitha Sarathy Ringtone Download

Sunitha Sarathy, a versatile Indian vocalist, shines in both Indian contemporary and Western classical music. Not limited by genres, she’s also a celebrated gospel singer, lending her voice to various church choirs. Her journey took a significant turn when she clinched victory in the prestigious “Virgin Voice Choice” contest, a collaborative effort between Channel V and Virgin Records, in 2000. This triumph marked her entry into the world of film playback.

Sunitha Sarathy Ringtone Download
Sunitha Sarathy Ringtone Download

In 2002, Sarathy made her playback debut in the Tamil film Yei! Nee Romba Azhagey, leaving an indelible mark with her guest appearance in the song “Ini Naanum Naanillai,” where she shared the stage with esteemed singers Srinivas and Sujatha Mohan. With a repertoire spanning approximately 200 film songs in diverse languages, her prowess extends beyond playback singing. As a singer-keyboardist-percussionist, she has graced numerous performances across a rich tapestry of Western music genres, including classical, jazz, soul, R&B, neo-soul, and quiet storm. Additionally, her contribution to gospel music is substantial, reflecting a prolific output of soul-stirring compositions.

Sunitha Sarathy Ringtone Download MP3

Sunitha Sarathy Ringtone Download MP3
Sunitha Sarathy Ringtone Download MP3
Aadathanama Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Febi ManiGharshana-New04:48
Deham Thiri Ringtone DownloadA. R. Rahman, Sunitha Sarathy, Tanvi ShahYuva04:34
Ye Cheekati Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, RanjithHappy Days04:49
Vaadi Vaadi Ringtone DownloadHarris Jayaraj, Ravi G, Nicholas Samuel, Sunitha SarathyVaadi Vaadi03:46
Kaadhal Solvadhu Ringtone DownloadSrinivas, Sunitha SarathyBadri04:36
Hey Goodbye Priya Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Shankar Mahadevan, Lucky Ali, KarthikYuva05:00
Khuda Hafiz-Anjaani Anjaana Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Lucky AliYuva05:03
Byla Bylamo Ringtone DownloadLeslee Lewis, Anushka Manchanda, Sunitha SarathySainikudu05:41
Bad Boy Ringtone DownloadBadshah, Benny Dayal, Sunitha SarathySaaho (Tamil)02:58
The King Is Back (Theme) Ringtone DownloadSunitha SarathyDon 203:56
Hey Mizhimazha (Duet) Ringtone DownloadNaresh Iyer, Sunitha SarathyHeart Beats04:21
Puttanata Puttanata Ringtone DownloadSagar, Sunitha SarathyAaru04:27
Hey Cm Ringtone DownloadSunitha SarathyLeader05:15
Engeyum Eppothum Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Yogi. BPolladhavan (Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack)04:49
Khuda Hafiz (Anjaane) Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Lucky Ali, KarthikA. R. Rahman Forever05:03
Dushman Mera Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Shankar MahadevanDon 203:43
La La Lahirey Ringtone DownloadVenu, Sunitha SarathyMass04:34
One Love One Life Ringtone DownloadStephen Zechariah, Sunitha SarathyOne Love One Life04:25
Non Stop Ringtone DownloadKarthik, Sunitha SarathyNamo Venkatesa04:10
Bad Boy Ringtone DownloadBadshah, Benny Dayal, Sunitha SarathySaaho (Malayalam)02:58
Bangaranni Bangaranni Ringtone DownloadShankar Mahadevan, Sunitha SarathyNuvvu Nenu Prema05:30
Stranger In Black ( Theme ) Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Chennai ChorelAparichithudu02:44
Dai Dai Kattikoda Ringtone DownloadKarthik, Sunitha SarathySachien04:29
Kummese Pathaan Ringtone DownloadVishal-Shekhar, Haricharan, Sunitha Sarathy, Chaitanya PrasadPathaan – Telugu03:28
Khuda Hafiz-Anjaani Anjaana Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Lucky Ali, KarthikRocking Star Of Bollywood A.R.Rehman05:04
Chellame Idhu Ringtone DownloadKarthik, Sunitha SarathyKalaabak Kadhalan04:50
Sarigama Sarigama Ringtone DownloadRanjeeth, Sunitha SarathyJolly Days04:39
Ithade Ringtone DownloadSunitha SarathyPremisthe02:07
Ye Cheekati Ringtone DownloadRanjith, Sunitha SarathyChinnadaana Osi Chinnadana04:39
Thottutae Ringtone DownloadKarthik, Sunitha SarathyAaru04:30
Telusa Telusa Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Sireesha Bhagavatula, Aditi Bhavaraju, Manchu Lakshmi PrasannaAgni Nakshathram03:09
Nuvvante Naku Ringtone DownloadSunitha SarathyMogudu04:34
Neeye Sol Ringtone DownloadBenny Dayal, Sunitha SarathyPolladhavan (Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack)05:53
Kalluri Salaikul Vanthome Ringtone DownloadJacksmelli, Karthik, Sunitha SarathySivapathikaaram04:15
Gori Tera Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Sri, Silambarasan TRSaravana (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)05:28
Khuda Hafiz -Anjaane Ringtone DownloadSunitha Sarathy, Lucky Ali, KarthikBollywood Actresses – Mahima,Kareena And Rimi Sen05:03
Monalisa Monalisa Ringtone DownloadKarthik, Sunitha SarathyAdhinetha04:34
Penne Pogathey Ringtone DownloadClinton Cerejo, Sam P. Keerthan, Timothy Madukar, Sunitha SarathyKanimozhi04:01
Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen Theme Music Ringtone DownloadJoshua Sridhar, Sunitha SarathyNinaithu Ninaithu Parthen04:02
Puyalaaga Vandhaaney Ringtone DownloadSunitha SarathyDon 203:00

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