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The Versatile Artistry of Amjad Bagadwa: A Harmonious Blend of Music and Acting

Amjad Bagadwa emerges as a prominent figure in the Indian music scene, celebrated for his soulful renditions of gha and pop songs. With a voice that resonates with emotion and authenticity, he has captivated audiences with his heartfelt melodies and stirring performances. Through his music, Bagadwa weaves a tapestry of emotions, transporting listeners to a world of passion and rhythm.

A Musical Maestro: Amjad Bagadwa

Beyond his musical endeavors, Amjad Bagadwa has also ventured into the realm of acting, carving a niche for himself on the silver screen. His acting debut in the film “Uski Nazar” showcased his talent and versatility, earning him acclaim from critics and audiences alike. With each screen appearance, Bagadwa brings depth and nuance to his characters, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

A Host of Talent

In addition to his musical and acting pursuits, Amjad Bagadwa has also ventured into the realm of reality television, serving as a charismatic host in Madhya Pradesh. His magnetic personality and infectious energy have made him a beloved figure on the small screen, as he guides contestants and entertains audiences with his wit and charm.

A Legacy in the Making: Amjad Bagadwa

As Amjad Bagadwa continues to explore the boundless realms of music, acting, and television, his legacy as a multifaceted artist continues to evolve. With each endeavor, he pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation, captivating audiences with his talent and passion. Whether on stage, screen, or television, Bagadwa’s artistry knows no bounds, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Madhya Pradesh and beyond.

In the ever-changing tapestry of Indian entertainment, Amjad Bagadwa shines as a beacon of talent and versatility, his contributions resonating with audiences across diverse mediums. As he continues to chart his path in the world of music and acting, we eagerly await the next chapter in his extraordinary journey.

1Party All Night 52 Non Stop Ringtone DownloadAishwarya Nigam, Alisha Chinai, Amitosh Nagpal, Amjad Bagadwa, Anand Raj Anand, Anirudh Bhola, Anupam Amod, Anushka Manchanda, Arijit Singh, Benny Dayal, Bob, Brodha V, Darshan Rathod, Enkore, Hamsika Iyer, Himesh Reshammiya, Ishq Bector, Javed Ali, K.K., Kamal KhanParty All Night 52 Non Stop01:17:00
2Fuk Fuk Fukrey Ringtone DownloadAmjad Bagadwa, Ram SampathFukrey03:25
3Ishq Ka Junoon Ringtone DownloadSameer KhanIshq Ka Junoon05:14
4Sau Dard Ringtone DownloadKareemaSau Dard04:13
5Save My Life Ringtone DownloadSahil KhanSave My Life03:15
6Skandmata Ringtone DownloadArvind OjhaSkandmata03:31
7Lalla Lalli Ringtone DownloadSona Mohapatra, Amjad BagadwaKathal – A Jackfruit Mystery (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)02:58
8Fuk Fuk Fukrey (From “Fukrey”) Ringtone DownloadAmjad Bagadwa, Ram SampathMusical Jingles – Ram Sampath03:25
9Satnam Shri Wahe Guru Ringtone DownloadKareemaShri Wahe Guru Nanak bhajan05:08
10Kabira Ringtone DownloadKareemaKabir Bhajan03:58
11o mere mahi Ringtone DownloadKareemao mere mahi03:59
12O saheeba Ringtone DownloadKareemaO saheeba03:54
13Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar Ringtone DownloadKareemaHanuman Chalisa09:28
14Chand Hai Tu Mera Ringtone DownloadKareemaChand Hai Tu Mera03:16
15Ae Mere Sanam Ringtone DownloadKareemaAe Mere Sanam03:20
16Shiv Shambhu Teri Jay Ho Ringtone DownloadAnup JalotaShiv Shambhu Teri Jay Ho04:15
17Radha Aur Meera Ringtone DownloadKareemaRadha Aur Meera04:09
19Gam ke Sahera Ringtone DownloadKareemaGam ke Sahera04:14
20Gajana Lambodar Ringtone DownloadKareemaGajana Lambodar04:00
21Ghumar Ghalu Ringtone DownloadKareemaGhumar Ghalu03:48
22Mangal Bhavana Amangal Hari Ringtone DownloadKareemaMangal Bhavana Amangal Hari03:47
23Ram Ayodhya Aa Rahe Hain Ringtone DownloadAnoop SharmaRam Ayodhya Aa Rahe Hain02:50
24Dil Ko Dil Se Mila Do Ringtone DownloadKareemaDil Ko Dil Se Mila Do03:41
25Meri Saso Mein Tu Hai Ringtone DownloadKareemaMeri Saso Mein Tu Hai04:23
26Tiranga Ringtone DownloadKareemaTiranga03:34
27Ye Mera Bharat Ringtone DownloadKareemaYe Mera Bharat04:33
28Tujhe paya hai Ringtone DownloadKareemaTujhe paya hai04:21
29Maine tujhe paya hai Ringtone DownloadKareemaMaine tujhe paya hai04:01
30Vidya De Maa Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KareemaVidya De Maa04:19
31Gyan Se Bhar De Maa Sharde Ringtone DownloadAnup JalotaGyan Se Bhar De Maa Sharde04:17
32Abhi Tujh Se Hi Hai Ringtone DownloadKareemaAbhi Tujh Se Hi Hai04:55
33Ha Ye Kaise Lagi Tujhse Lagan Ringtone DownloadKareemaHa Ye Kaise Lagi Tujhse Lagan03:10
34Meri Maa Hai Sherawali Ringtone DownloadKareemaMeri Maa Hai Sherawali03:03
35Gori Nache Ringtone DownloadKareemaGori Nache02:54
36Mata Kaalratri Ringtone DownloadAnkita ChauhanMata Kaalratri03:43
37Gulo Mein Raang Bhare Ringtone DownloadKareemaGulo Mein Raang Bhare03:55
38Mata Kushmanda Ringtone DownloadAnkita ChauhanMata Kushmanda02:45
39Ruk Jao Aaj Ki Raat Ringtone DownloadKareemaRuk Jao Aaj Ki Raat04:56
40Mata Sidhdhidatri Ringtone DownloadAnkita ChauhanMata Sidhdhidatri02:45
41Shiv Bhole Ringtone DownloadAnup Jalota, KareemaShiv Bhole04:15
42Haath Mein Dizyo Haath Sahiba Ringtone DownloadKareemaHaath Mein Dizyo Haath Sahiba03:29
43Mahiya Ringtone DownloadKareemaMahiya03:23
44Mata Shailputri Ringtone DownloadNiranjan BhudhadharaMata Shailputri03:46
45Brahmcharani Ringtone DownloadMunawwar AliBrahmcharani03:53
46Mukki Na Gal 2.0 Ringtone DownloadAmjad Bagadwa, Priyanka SinghMukki Na Gal 2.004:53
47Maa Sharde Ringtone DownloadKareemaMaa Sharde04:17
48Ilteza Hai Meri Rab Se Ringtone DownloadKareemaIlteza Hai Meri Rab Se03:56
49Mere Sai Ram Ringtone DownloadKareemaMere Sai Ram04:05
50Mata Chandraghanta Ringtone DownloadAmjad BagadwaMata Chandraghanta04:21
51Hey Damaruwale Ringtone DownloadKareemaHey Damaruwale04:15
52Mere Aashiq Mere Dildar Ringtone DownloadKareemaMere Aashiq Mere Dildar03:57
53Gore Gore Gaal Ringtone DownloadKareemaGore Gore Gaal02:47
54Mata Mahagouri Ringtone DownloadArvind OjhaMata Mahagouri03:53
55Pehele Ja Phir Janeja Ringtone DownloadKareemaPehele Ja Phir Janeja03:59
56Meri Laxmi Maa Ringtone DownloadKareemaMeri Laxmi Maa04:10
57Mehfil Saja Ke Ringtone DownloadKareemaMehfil Saja Ke03:14
58Ram Ubaare Ringtone DownloadAmjad BagadwaRam Ubaare04:13
59Meri Maa Ringtone DownloadKareemaMeri Maa04:41
60Ram Ka Nam Ringtone DownloadKareemaRam Ka Nam04:00

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