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Sujeet Shetty Ringtone Download

Sujeet Shetty, a prominent figure in the Indian film industry, has primarily made his mark in the Kannada movie scene. Renowned as a versatile music composer and singer across India, Shetty’s portfolio includes notable works in films like Jothegara, Kariyavoram, Leela, and Besharam, among others. Recently, he has expanded his horizons into the realm of OTT platforms, contributing his musical talents to Sony Liv’s latest offering, Jehanabad – Of Love & War.

This crime-thriller, directed by veteran Sudhir Mishra, delves into real-life events amidst the Naxal insurgency in Bihar, intricately weaving a love story into its narrative. Music, a pivotal element, sets the tone and enhances the storytelling experience.

Sujeet Shetty Ringtone Download
Sujeet Shetty Ringtone Download

Collaborating with director Rajeev Barnwal, with whom Shetty had previously worked on the popular track “Love Ki Ghanti” for the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Besharam, proved to be a fruitful experience. Shetty acknowledges Barnwal’s clear vision, which streamlined the creative process. “Rajeev had a clear idea about what he wanted, so it was straightforward. For each situation that the showrunners asked us to create a song for, we did nearly six songs. Rajeev was happy to be spoilt for choice,” he reveals.

Sujeet Shetty Ringtone Download MP3

Sujeet Shetty Ringtone Download MP3
Sujeet Shetty Ringtone Download MP3
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