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Babbu Maan Ringtone Download

The Punjabi music industry boasts a constellation of remarkable singers who have not only captivated audiences nationwide but have also garnered international acclaim. Among these luminaries, one name shines the brightest: Babbu Maan. Undoubtedly, he has contributed profoundly to the Punjabi music scene, crafting songs that resonate deeply with listeners. Anticipation swells whenever news of a new Babbu Maan release circulates, as fans eagerly await the opportunity to enrich their Punjabi music playlists.

Babbu Maan Ringtone Download

Tejinder Singh Maan, known affectionately as Babbu Maan, is a multifaceted artist—a singer, actor, music director, lyricist, screenwriter, and producer. Born on March 18, 1975, in Khant, Maanpur, District Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, Maan’s journey into the world of music began in his early years. Raised in a middle-class joint family, he received his education in Maanpur before pursuing higher studies at a government college in Ropar and later Punjab University in Chandigarh, where he obtained his M.A. in Urdu.

Maan’s passion for music ignited at the tender age of seven, marked by his debut stage performance. Encouraged by the acclaim he received, he started composing song lyrics at the age of 16. Before launching his maiden album, Maan honed his craft through numerous stage performances. His marriage to Harmandeep Kaur Maan marked a pivotal moment in his personal life.

In 1998, Babbu embarked on his musical journey with the release of the album “Sajjan Rumal De Geya,” although it did not achieve significant success. However, the following year saw the release of his debut album “Tu Meri Miss India,” laying the foundation for his illustrious career. The subsequent release of “Saaun Di Chadi” catapulted him to stardom, with hit tracks like “Chan Chanani” and “Raat Guzarlayi” resonating deeply with audiences.

Over the years, Maan continued to captivate listeners with albums like “Ohi Chann Ohi Rataan” and “Pyaas,” the latter earning him the prestigious Best Album of the Year Award at the Punjabi Music Awards. His versatility extended beyond music, as he lent his voice to several film soundtracks and made a mark in the acting arena, starring in acclaimed films such as “Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean” and “Hashar (A Love Story).”

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Babbu Maan is also a shrewd entrepreneur, co-owning the production company Maan Films Pvt. Ltd. His repertoire boasts timeless classics like “Adab Punjabi,” “Shounk Hathiyaraan Da,” and “Mehfil Mitraan Di,” each a testament to his enduring influence on Punjabi music and cinema. As his journey continues, Babbu Maan remains an icon, revered for his immense talent and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Babbu Maan Ringtone Download Mp3

Babbu Maan Ringtone Download Mp3
1Shounk Hathiyaraan Da Ringtone DownloadShounk Hathiyaraan DaBabbu MaanOhi Chann Ohi Raataan
2Mere Dil Wich Ringtone DownloadMere Dil WichBabbu MaanPyaas
3Mehfil Mitraan Di Ringtone DownloadMehfil Mitraan DiBabbu MaanPure Gold Punjabi-Babbu Maan
4Pind De Modh Te Ringtone DownloadPind De Modh TeBabbu MaanGulaab – Punjabi Romantic Love Ballads
5Jatt Di Joon Buri Ringtone DownloadJatt Di Joon BuriBabbu MaanOhi Chann Ohi Raataan
6Mittran Di Chhatri Ringtone DownloadMittran Di ChhatriBabbu MaanPyaas
7Pakki Kanak Ringtone DownloadPakki KanakBabbu MaanPure Gold Punjabi-Babbu Maan
8Kabza Ringtone DownloadKabzaBabbu MaanPure Gold Punjabi-Babbu Maan
9Saaun Di Jhadi Ringtone DownloadSaaun Di JhadiBabbu MaanPure Gold Punjabi-Babbu Maan
10Ohi Chann Ohi Raataan Ringtone DownloadOhi Chann Ohi RaataanBabbu MaanOhi Chann Ohi Raataan
11Mittran Di Chhatri Ringtone DownloadMittran Di ChhatriBabbu MaanPure Gold Punjabi-Babbu Maan
12Teri Baanh Phadni Ringtone DownloadTeri Baanh PhadniBabbu MaanPyaas
13Hikk Utte Gutt Ringtone DownloadHikk Utte GuttBabbu MaanBhangra Groove Vol – 2
14Hikk Utte Gutt Ringtone DownloadHikk Utte GuttBabbu MaanPyaas
15Rally Ringtone DownloadRallyBabbu MaanAah Chak 2017
16Kad Pyaar Ho Gaya Ringtone DownloadKad Pyaar Ho GayaBabbu Maan, Sunidhi ChauhanRabb Ne Banaiyan Jodieain
17Sada Kiye Ringtone DownloadSada KiyeBabbu Maan, Sunidhi ChauhanRabb Ne Banaiyan Jodieain
18Punjab Ringtone DownloadPunjabBabbu MaanRabb Ne Banaiyan Jodieain
19Touch Wood Ringtone DownloadTouch WoodBabbu MaanPyar Tere Nu
20Boli O Boli Ringtone DownloadBoli O BoliBabbu MaanRabb Ne Banaiyan Jodieain
21Chandigarh Ringtone DownloadChandigarhBabbu MaanBest of 2019 Punjabi Top Hits
22Pind Diyan Ringtone DownloadPind DiyanBabbu MaanPyaas
23Suno Na Suno Na Ringtone DownloadShahrukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee, JAS ARORA, Satish Shah, JAISHREE T, JHONY LEVER, Aditya PancholiChalte Chalte Remix05:02
24Laarian De Naal Ringtone DownloadLaarian De NaalBabbu MaanPyaas
25Lala Lala Lala Ringtone DownloadLala Lala LalaHarbhajan MannLala Lala Lala
26Chham – Chham Ringtone DownloadChham – ChhamHarbhajan MannLala Lala Lala
27Singh Maar De Ringtone DownloadSingh Maar DeBabbu MaanPunjabi Premier League
28Butta Ringtone DownloadBabbu Maan, Sadhana SargamRabb Ne Banaiyan Jodieain07:50
29Ve Zaalma Ringtone DownloadBabbu MaanOhi Chann Ohi Raataan06:16
30Dil Taan Pagal-Je Tu Na Ringtone DownloadAkhil Sachdeva, Amber VashishtT-Series Mixtape Punjabi04:51
31Saaun Di Jhadi Ringtone DownloadBabbu MaanVirsa – Romance05:04

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